Training programmes

The Institute offers several training programmes designed for business executives, and those who seek a general knowledge of Business Development, and an in-depth understanding of various business models.
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Our list of programmes

The following are some of our prominent courses.
  • Business Development Basic Course
  • Business Development Tools for Identifying Market Opportunities
  • Designing Business Plan and Managing BD Functions in, Insurance, LAGs. SMEs, Farm
  • Pre-Retirement Business Plan and Development
  • Up and Dawn Stream Oil & Gas Business Development Course
  • Competitive Intelligence: Master Class
  • Business Process Excellence in Financial Services Workshop
  • Connecting Business Requirement to Technology in Mastering your Business Development Function
  • The Embodiment of Business Development, Its added Values for Business Growth Workshop
  • Business Intelligence Master Class
  • Development and Positioning of Maritime Business Workshop
  • Products, Oil & Gas, Fishery, Baking, Poultry etc.
  • Project Management Basic Course
  • The ABC of Starting a Business – Estimated start up Cost Workshop
  • Business Development as Bedrock and backbone for Organizational Growth Workshop
  • Business Development: Entrepreneurship in Small Business for Non Specialist Workshop
  • Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving Workshop
  • Product Control and System Management Using Business Development Tools
  • Talent Management And Succession Plan
  • Customer Experience Management and Value Creation of Business Development
  • Business Modeling and Innovation Workshop
  • SME Extractive Industries Development Workshop
  • Contracting Business Development Functions
  • Performance Management And Balance Score- Card
  • Introduction to Knowledge Management and Talent Development Workshop
  • Environmental Awareness and Practice of Business Development Course
  • Advanced Product Development Course
  • Agribusiness Development Basic Course
  • Business Opportunities: Talent Development Knowledge Base Course
  • Finance and Accounting for Non Financial Managers Course
  • Sustainable Agribusiness Supply Chain Workshop
  • Driving Forces in Business Restructuring and Market Penetration
  • Budgeting and Budgetary Control
  • Project Finance and Financial Modeling Techniques Course
  • Fundamentals of Product Development Workshop
  • Business Intelligence for Operations Management
  • Introduction to Business Analysis: Defining Successful Projects
  • Supply Chain Management and Logistics Workshop
  • Capability Maturity Model in Business Development (CMMBD) Workshop
  • Advanced Agribusiness Development Course
  • Customer Relationship Course
  • Business Development Tools: Methods of Application and Use Workshop
  • Risk Management Course
  • Advanced Project Management Course
  • Legal Matters in Business Development Course
  • Managing Community Relations in Times of Conflict
  • Dispersed Research on Product Development
  • Entrepreneurship; Small & Medium Enterprise Promotion Workshop
  • Key forces of Business Development that drives Key Performance Indicators Workshop
  • After Sales Marketing-Service & Parts Business
  • Business Intelligent: Data Modeling Techniques Workshop
  • Non disclosure Comports of Business Development Initiatives: BD Consistency
  • An Innovative Sales Training Program for Automobile Sales People
  • Networks of Data and Opinion in Market Share Development Workshop
  • Developing and Managing Joint Venture Business
  • Community Development & Empowerment Course
  • Organizational Development and Core Business Development Features Workshop
  • Business Plan Development Course
  • Strategic Business Unit Public Relation Course
  • Business Communication and Report Writing Workshop

Research and Knowledge Management

To assure that our understanding of business development performance continues to grow, the Institute conducts an annual Research Forum designed to address issues of significance to our Community of Practice. In addition, we have undertaken development of a body of knowledge, through which to deepen our understanding of both theory and practice.

Programmes for Corporate Members

To support organizations that adopt our products the Institute will train and certifies qualified, internal personnel as appraisers through our Certified Appraiser Program. In addition, we offer these organizations the option to license our Train-the-Trainer Program as an affordable and efficient way to train significant numbers of internal personnel key practices and approaches.

Enquiries regarding our programmes

Have questions regarding any of the programmes above? Reach out to us.
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