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Membership of the Institute is on an individual basis and is open to those involved with Business development and related areas.
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Routes to membership

Membership is open to those who possess relevant qualifications and are ready to take the relevant qualifying examinations.


Associates who have completed a minimum of eight years full time experience in BD work, of which normally a minimum of five years full time experience has been spent in a position with substantial business development accountability and responsibility.

A Fellow of the Institute is entitled to use the letters FBDI after his/her name.

At least five years of this experience must have been gained after admission as an Associate and CPD must be completed for three years prior to election.

To achieve Fellow Status, Members will have been expected to demonstrate that they have made a worthwhile contribution to the broader understanding, appreciation and development of business development.

This is the highest level of Membership and those elected have demonstrated that they have built on their skill and knowledge through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and the practical application of that knowledge in their job. Fellows hold voting rights and are entitled to use the initials FBDI after their name.

They are also the only grade entitled to be elected to the Institute’s Council.

Certified Business Development Analyst (CBDA) & Certified Business Development Service Providers (CBDSP)

These are special programs attached with the study of the Associate examination. The main focus of CBDA and CBDSP is that holders are expected to be specialist in business analysis and BD Services using the tools and models as enunciated by the Institute.

Continuing Professional Development

The CPD program is designed to formally recognize the continued study done by qualified Members of the Institute to ensure that they keep their knowledge up-to-date. Changes in the BD’s field mean that the education and experience gained when qualifying need to be constantly updated to ensure that Members maintain their high levels of knowledge.

All Members, Fellows, Associates, and Students, are required to adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct which is published as a separate booklet and also reproduced in the Yearbook, sent to all Members. All Members are advised to read this carefully.

As a member of the Institute you are required to adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct and to the Articles of Association. Article 12 contains the regulations relating to the four and Ten Year Rules which affect only Students. These regulations require Students to:

(a) Pass all of the Institute’s examinations within ten years of registering;

(b) Make a serious attempt at the examinations within any period of four years.

Student Membership must cease if these regulations are not met. Extensions can be granted to the four and Ten Year Rules in many circumstances.

Approved Providers are authorized to deliver products, services, and support to the business development community in the areas of consulting, training, technology, and academic education. Approved Providers meet the Institute’s criteria that validate the quality and relevance of their products and services to help BD adopters achieve their capability growth targets. They deliver the following values to the user community:

  • Assistance

    Assist users with expert support in planning and conducting Business Development improvements.

  • Training

    Provide high quality training and consulting services directly aligned with the Institute’s growth paths.

  • Professional Support

    Support the professional capabilities of user personnel with higher education and Business Development Research.

Corporate Membership

The Institute offers three levels of Corporate Membership, making it possible for a wide range of organizations to participate in our programs.
  • 1.

    Leadership Council

    A carefully selected group of Industry leaders who set the standard for business-development excellence and serve on the Institute’s Council

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  • 2.

    Small Business

    Representatives of the unique needs of small businesses in the Institute’s Community of Practice, helping to set strategy and providing input on methods, processes, and tools designed explicitly for small business environments.

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  • 3.

    Corporate Membership

    Participants in the continuing development and growth of the Knowledge Base assuring that ongoing development of the Institute’s products and services meet their needs.

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