Exam Registration

To undertake the Institute's examinations it is necessary first to complete student registration.


The Institute wishes to ensure that those who begin their studies are capable of passing the examinations. For this reason, all applicants in the professional stages of the Institute’s examinations must meet requirement A and one of the options in requirement B below:

(A) The minimum age for Student Registration is 21 years at the closing date for Student Registration (or such less age as may be agreed by Council).

(B) The following alternatives are the minimum educational qualifications for entry to Studentship:

1. HND, or B.Sc in any field of study, which is relevant will be a lead foundation for the purpose of Institute’s examinations or

2. IBD Certificate in Business Development

3. The full Qualification of relevant professional bodies subject to Council’s approval.

Special Considerations

In addition The Council is prepared to give special consideration to applications for Student Registration from older Students working, who do not meet the minimum educational requirements outlined in paragraph B above. Such applications will be considered in the light of:

  • The applicant’s age
  • His/Her working experience
  • An employer’s reference.

It is very unlikely that Council will approve any applications under this category from persons with less than five years working experience and who are not at least 23 years of age irrespective of an employer’s recommendation.

Documentation for Registration

In order to register you should obtain from the Institute an application form for Student Registration. This must be completed and returned together with:

  • All relevant certificates. If this is a problem please read carefully the notes for applicants which will be sent with the application form;
  • A cheque to cover the Registration fee and the annual subscription (payment can also be made by direct debit or deposit through the Institute bank account).

If you are applying under special consideration of the eligibility requirements you must also enclose a letter from your employer which may be placed in a separately sealed envelope.

Timing of Application

Applications for Student Registration may be submitted and will be considered throughout the year. It is in the interest of all potential students to submit their application early to allow adequate time for consideration. If you wish to enter for examinations in any of the diets you should submit an application form early enough at least 4 weeks to the examination. This will give you ample time to study for the examinations.

Registration as a Student does NOT constitute an examination entry. Applicants are asked not to order tuition material when submitting their documentation for Student Registration.


You should expect to receive a letter from the Institute within three weeks of submitting your application indicating whether you have been accepted as a Student.


The Institute is prepared to consider granting exemption in respect of professional qualifications or in the case of an examination which overlaps considerably with one or more of the Institute’s examinations. An exemption application form is available from the Institute. Holders of professional qualifications and degrees are required to submit a transcript of such qualifications and allow at least six weeks for its consideration. While applying for exemption you are required to pay the appropriate fees at the time of application.


Student Membership

Continuing as a Student

Once you have registered as a Student you will continue in Membership provided you pay the annual subscription. The annual subscription is payable in advance on 1 January each year.

As a Student of the Institute:

  • you are eligible to study and enter for the Institute’s examinations
  • you will receive a copy of the Institute’s newsletter as soon as it is published
  • you are eligible to attend conferences and seminars at preferential rates
  • you are eligible to apply for reduced subscriptions to certain publications


Application Forms

Application Form for Student Registration are as follows:

  1. IBD Foundation Certification Program N5, 000.00
  2. Professional Stages N7, 000.00


Examination fees are obtainable from the secretariat and will be communicated to registered students

Application Form for Admission to Membership:

  • Associate: N5, 000.00
  • Fellow: N10, 000.00

Annual Subscription:

  • Student: N3, 000.00
  • Associate: N10, 000.00
  • Fellow: N20, 000.00

All other fees will be as determined by the Council and will be published.

Lapsed Membership
If a Student does not pay the annual subscription his/her Membership will lapse. If the Student subsequently wishes to rejoin, the lapsed period of Membership will count towards the four and Ten Year Rules. Extensions to these rules can be granted in many circumstances. Any lapsed Student wishing to rejoin is asked to contact the Education Department of the Institute to discuss the procedure.

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