Entrepreneurial opportunities for CSOD’s Learning Management System

This paper explores entrepreneurial opportunities for Cornerstone On demand’s (CSOD) Learning Management System (LMS).

Major opportunities exist for the software’s integration of the TinCanAPI (Rustici Software, n.d.) – a new model of aggregating learning data, integrating the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Online learning platform – which allows for delivering free training to wide audiences, and social media learning – a method which leverages social media in delivering and consuming learning (Pappas, 2016).

I will further describe and discuss the social learning opportunity in greater detail, and analyze the role that big data (Foy, 2015) will play, in CSOD’s exploitation of this future opportunity.

The paper will also describe the major trends for social learning – based on social media. I will review the impact on the opportunity and its sustainability by discussing how CSOD can focus on the 3 major trends of social learning today: the growth of video-based social media apps, the changing landscape of user demographics (Baker, 2017), and the advent of mobile as the preferred platform for the development of new social media applications (Kulkarni, 2017).



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