About us

The Institute is a recognized international examining and awarding body for students undertaking general business and management studies.

The Institute of Business Development

We are the leading professional body for Business Development Managers. Supporting career and personal development as well as mobility, the Institute’s educational programmes and qualifying examinations provide recognized qualifications for commercial management and business development staff working in the following key industry sectors.
Financial Services
Facilities Management
Aerospace and Defence
SMEs & Government
Oil and Gas
Retailing & Distribution

Our Mission

To promote an innovative community of practice in business development through appraisals and self-assessments, best practices, certifications and bench-marking.


We envision that business analysis and development will enable the economic sector to be better positioned to face challenges.

Our Goal

To be industry’s preferred source for measuring Business Development capability and setting the path toward innovation and organizational transformation.

Membership of the Institute

Membership is open to those who possess relevant qualifications and are ready to take the relevant qualifying examinations.
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